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Banking And Finance Across The UK


The important thing you need to know that personal and business banking are two different segments altogether. So if you’re looking for a bank that will match your business criteria, then take into consideration various aspects like how close is the bank from your office. Though telephones, internet and ATMs today may have cut down the time of standing in long queues, but still you’ll need to visit the bank occasionally, if only to put in cheques. If you’re likely to have a lot of transactions requiring you to visit the bank, then proximity is obviously a key issue.

Secondly you need to know whether the bank has an online banking service, as it gives you control over your bank account at the click of a mouse. Through online banking you can check balances, transfer funds, and see know your daily transactions, which will help you manage your credit much more efficiently.

It is also important to know whether the bank has a free banking facility for a fixed period of time. However, carefully check the terms and conditions attached as once the free period is over, the charges imposed may be subsequently higher. Some banks, meanwhile, offer discounted banking for a longer period of time and this option may make economic sense for you.

Finally, find out about Bank overdrafts as this will help you to overcome short-term cash flow crisis. Inquire from the bank how much it is willing to lend a business such as yours and how it is calculated – whether through a fixed formula or is it to the discretion of the manager.

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