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Manage Your Money

The world of personal finance today is a highly competitive industry, which is good news for consumers as companies are working overtime to give better deals to loyal customers. However, the downside of having a staggering number of companies and products makes the task difficult. Here is a low down on the aspects of personal finance which will make your task simpler:

Borrowing: Did you know that an average borrower in UK has over £4,000 worth of unsecured debt and this could be through credit card balances, car loans, store cards or overdrafts. But with so many lenders out there, there is simply no need to pay over the odds for a loan these days. There are many different ways of borrowing money, but the two most common types of loans are secured loans (where homeowners secure the money they borrow against their property), and unsecured personal loans (where no security is required).

Saving: It is the money put aside each month, on which you accrue interest. The more money you have in your account, and the longer you leave it there, the more interest you build up. This is a good short-term way of saving money. But if you’re planning to save over a longer period of time there are other products that you may want to consider that could make your money work that little bit harder. Banks and building societies have a plethora of different savings schemes and products.

Investing: Though your money is safe in a bank or building society account, but it (money) could be working a lot harder for you. In real terms, the interest that you earn is relatively low with a bank or building society compared to the growth you could be looking at if you made use of alternative investments like stock market and other gilt schemes.

Protecting: There are, however, a number of common areas where it is relatively easy and straightforward to financially insure ourselves and our families. These areas are widespread and include cover when you travel on holiday, including when you ski or snowboard, when you use your car or any other form of motor vehicle, taking your pet to the vet, visiting the dentist or receiving other forms of medical treatment.

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