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What are the Right Finance Solutions for You?
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What are the Right Finance Solutions for You?

It is obvious that businesses require cash to finance their day- to-day activities, but with money tied up with creditors it becomes difficult to run the show. So what needs to be done in such cases?

If it’s a short term need, an agreed overdraft facility can give you temporary funding. With this facility you can overdraw to suit your requirements and repay overdrawn balances as soon as you have the funds, and you’re not tied to specific dates for drawdown or repayment. There are many financial institutions that provides such kinds of loan which can be repaid over periods from one month, so it is ideally suited to short term needs.

Finance is also required often at least not daily is for procurement of new Equipments. If you’ve available funds with you to invest in new or additional equipment, you may want to keep it for any emergency purpose. Also, you might think that buying the equipment with the aid of finance can make you eligible for tax relief on the interest you pay.

If you do decide to buy with the aid of a loan, then you need to look out for a flexible finance solution that can be tailored to meet your business needs. With many financial institutions you can now choose to pay interest only for up to the first three years or so. These institutions also restructure the loan repayment schedule keeping mind the fact that businesses don't get their income monthly.

Other biggest decisions you’ll make in a business will be related to property – whether to buy or rent? Should you move into bigger premises or expand the premises you have? How well do your premises meet your business requirements?

If you decide to buy a property, then there are a wide range of mortgage lenders to choose from and make a right decision. Many mortgage lenders provides tailor-made products to suit your requirements, with additional facilities like fixed or floating interest rates, repayment holidays at the beginning or during a loan, possible cashback or specialist packages for doctors or farmers, or through a self-administered pension scheme.

And if you’re business undertakes overseas trade and receives payments in currency other than sterling, a currency overdraft from any financial institutions will enable you to iron out those cashflow peaks and troughs. You can match your foreign currency borrowing to your anticipated receipts in that currency, thus avoiding the effects of any unfavourable movement in the exchange rate between the time you borrow the funds and the time you repay them.

If you receive income in a particular currency on a regular basis, you could finance your business needs in that currency. Many financial institutions’ currency term loans are specially designed for businesses requiring finance in any major foreign currency. So also, by repaying the loan from your currency income, you can reduce the administrative costs of converting your currency receipts into sterling.

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