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Accounting for Business and Private Individuals

The role of accountants in modern organistaions has undergone immense transformation. Today’s accountants work in a wide range of positions. Having been trained in many disciplines such as marketing, organisational behaviour and management, business law, finance, statistics, economics, strategic planning, problem analysis, and of course various accounting streams, accounting professionals bring a wide-ranging global perspective to business management.

Most of the big companies around the world, however, prefer to have accounting professionals from Australian universities. In particular, graduates of Masters Conversion Programmes are highly sought as they combine practical skills with university training. Masters conversion students have usually had work experience in fields other than accounting - an asset for the employers who are seeking accounting professionals who can communicate with non-accounting personnel. Even graduates from Bachelor degrees - who undertake industry-based learning (which is also known as cooperative education) as part of their degrees - are in demand. Employers like the concept of newly qualified personnel who don't need basic training in the 'real world' that has been taken care of during the degree studies.

In addition to basic, financial and management accounting, the Masters Conversion course includes accounting theory, tax, business and company law, auditing, economics, statistics, information technology, organisation behaviour and finance. Those contemplating a Bachelors degree will study these topics, and also choose from a range of other subjects offered from a variety of disciplines, depending on your university.

Choose a university with arts subjects available, and you may find Asian or European languages, modern literature and fine arts as core subjects, together with advanced accounting subjects, advanced information technology, management and a whole range of other business and general subjects. Other universities may offer astronomy, geology or philosophy to create well-rounded accounting professionals with broad knowledge.

In short, the Australian Masters and Bachelors degrees not only emphasises on the acquisition of a broad range of technical skills, but also on developing lifelong skills such as excellent communication, the ability to continue to learn and adapt to changing circumstances, and the ability to work in teams. This leads to innovative teaching and assessment methods to develop these generic skills alongside technical accounting and finance skills. All this combines together to develop business professionals who can easily shift their organisations into new directions to fit the rapidly changing environments.

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